Gone Wild

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Gone Wild
Studio album by
LabelBig Mouth Creative Services, Inc.
ProducerBob Kevoian, Tom Griswold, Dean Metcalf, Steve Allee
Bob & Tom chronology
Gone Wild

Gone Wild is a comedy album by The Bob & Tom Show, which was first released in November 2002. It is a two-disc set which represents original material recorded during their syndicated, daily radio show and other studio numbers which had not been previously presented on air.

Track Listings[edit]

Disc One
1."Real Girls on Video" 1:33
2."Bob & Tom: The Musical"Peter Kevoian5:13
3."My Doctor"Tracy Smith1:51
4."Casket Carnival" 4:25
5."Tires"Heywood Banks1:52
6."Dog for Sale"Rob Haney1:32
7."Excremints" 1:50
8."Jeopardy for Sluts" 4:23
9."I Wanna Be Bob"Tom & Chick2:30
10."Dickin' Around at Work"Sean Morey1:21
11."Sheetos" 1:41
12."Nobody Speaks English, Anymore"Pat Godwin1:29
13."Larry & War Emblem"Steve Salge & Drew Hastings3:00
14."Internet Porn"Da Vinci's Notebook2:41
15."Anustat 7" 2:38
16."The Stork, Etc."Geechy Guy2:48
17."Adult Toys"The Love Bros.5:32
18."What Would Jesus Eat?"Tim Cavanagh2:35
19."Rimshot On a Belt" 2:35
20."Kaye (Live)"Bob Kevoian3:25
21."Deck Suckers"Ed Pinkley2:14
22."Harry & Barbra" 3:58
23."Super Heroes & Monsters"Frank Caliendo3:04
24."My Baby's a Nudist"Duke Tumatoe4:11
25."Baseball Memories" 2:52
26."Heaven vs. Hell Baseball Game"Dan St. Paul4:32
27."Blow Me a Kiss (Live, Lounge Version)"Ricky Rydell & Tom Griswold2:47
Total length:1:18:15
Disc Two
1."Ménage à Trois"Bob Kevoian3:26
2."Super White Stuff" 2:27
3."Star Wars Geeks"Bobcat Goldthwait2:55
4."All I Really Want To Do"Peter & Shannon2:42
5."The Can" 2:26
6."The Legend of John Fox"Pat Godwin1:54
7."The Parrot"John Fox1:00
8."Candy Hearts Wisdom" 3:31
9."Back Rubs, Etc."Costaki Economopoulos2:11
10."Doggie Style"Dean & Jerry3:16
11."Doggie Style Beer" 1:55
12."Cartoon Art"Michael Loftus1:33
13."Fruit Fly" 2:32
14."Larry King's People, News & Views" 3:52
15."Bass Talk"Mark Christopher Rohrman0:57
16."Vanilla Guy" 4:27
17."At the Coffee House"David Crowe & Dan Cummins2:08
18."Marge & Siegfried & Roy" 4:47
19."Taboos"Tim Cavanagh2:33
20."Beer Factor" 4:13
21."Munchies"Richard Bowden2:43
22."I Was a Cop"Mike Armstrong2:27
23."Mr. Obvious & The Big City" 5:39
24."My Little Tax Buddy" 4:08
25."Dear Santa"Sean Morey2:18
26."Cash, Cash, Cash"Heywood Banks2:22
Total length:1:14:07